Frequently Asked Questions

1-     Who could officiate a wedding in Ontario?

In a civil ceremony, you can be married by a judge of a justice of the peace. You contact a municipality or city hall to arrange a civil ceremony.

In a religious ceremony, you can be married by an officiant who is recognized by your faith group and is registered to perform marriages in Ontario under The Marriage Act.


2-     How do you get a ML?

-         You need 2 government issued identification for each person

-         A valid passport

-         Record of landing

-         Citizenship card

-         Government issued birth certificate

-         Driver’s license

-         Valid Ontario photo ID

-         Any name change certificate


3-     What’s the cost of a Marriage License?

The fee is $125 and is nonrefundable once issued and valid for 90 days.


4-     Is it possible to get a ML on the same day?

Yes it is as long as you have the proper identifications for both couple


5-     Can you fill a marriage license online?

Yes you could but you must appear in person to sign and purchase the Marriage License. An electronic copy will automatically be submitted to the clerk’s office.


6-     How long is the ML valid for?

The marriage license is valid for 90 days


7-     Will you need a witness for the Wedding Ceremony?

Yes, you need two witnesses who is at least 18yrs old and an officiant cannot be a witness if officiating the ceremony.



8-     Can you marry online?

You can do it but it’s not legal



9-     What’s the cost to marry at city hall?

Its $290 +HST which includes the officiant and the chambers



10-   What’s the difference between a Marriage License and a Marriage Certificate?

Marriage License is a piece of paper that authorizes you to get married and a Marriage Certificate is the document that proves you are legally married.



11-   How do I apply for a marriage certificate

Once you get legally married and the couple, officiant and the 2 witnesses sign the ML, your signed copy will be sent to Service Ontario in Thunder Bay for the Marriage Certificate.

Service Ontario is the only government authorized source for a Marriage Certificate.


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